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Hi, I’m Will Urbina, and welcome to Will U. Design.

CPU-CoverThis is the home of all of my work, and more importantly, the random projects I do when I get bored. Professionally, I’m a Video Producer living in Oakland, California. I originally created this site as a way to compensate for my lack of a proper resume while searching for my first job, but it soon began attracting much more attention from people around the world.

Along with my Youtube Channel this site tackles all forms of creativity
through “out the box” thinking. Whether it be dry-walling a room or building a top-of-the-line computer system, it’s my goal to make any form of design a source of entertainment and inspiration.

While I focused my education towards Video Editing, I’m someone who loves to be able to do everything myself. Most of the non-video work I do has been inspired by watching things on Youtube and shows like American Chopper or Mythbusters, and reading articles on the internet along with brief talks with professionals. I’ve found that I learn best by simply watching others and then taking a little time to figure things out on my own. Since becoming an “expert” I’ve been trying more and more to create useful guides and how-to’s, but my passion still lies with creating and showing people new things.

Newegg Workshop
So whether your looking to lean more about video production, computers, engines, building code, graphics design, or just about anything else I’m working on – swing by the site every once and a while. And be sure to subscribe and like all my stuff too!

And finally, while I love what I do here and will continue to do it anyway, many of the projects featured here can be very expensive. I work a full-time job and do a whole lot of other paid work on the side to help fund this. If you like what you see consider making a donation to support the site until I can reach my goal of making it self sufficient.

And if you represent a company that would like to advertise or commission a project, drop me a line via the contact me page.

Thanks for dropping by!