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Ever wonder what components in your computer are most used when your video editing? Want to build your own system for video editing but don’t know whether to put your money towards a better CPU or GPU?

There’s a ton of “how to build a computer” guides out there, but very few that focus on video editors. In this 2 part guide I explain how to get the best performing system for your buck! Part 1 focuses on what components are used in the editing process and tips on selecting them based on your budget. In part 2 I show you the parts I selected for my $3,000 Snap Judgment video editing build and show you how to put a system together.

Snap Judgment $3,000 Build Specs

Final cost $2,730, Sept. 2012

  • Processor : Intel Core i7 3930k
  • CPU Cooler : Corsair H100
  • Motherboard : ASRock x79Extreme6
  • RAM : (8x) GSkill Ripjaw Z Series 4GB
  • GPU : PNY GTX670
  • PSU : Coolermaster GX series 750w
  • Hard Drive (OS) : Corsair ForceGT SSD 120GB
  • Hard Drive (Scratch Disk) : (2x) Hitachi Deskstar 1TB (2TB in RAID0)
  • Hard Drive (Media Disk) : (4x) Seagate Barracuda 2TB (4TB in RAID1+0)
  • Case : NZXT Phantom Full Tower (Red)