• The Coffee Table
  • The Coffee Table
  • The Coffee Table

Construction Specifications

The Coffee Table is my second case mod. Following the success of my first mod, The Desk, I decided to continue bringing further functionality to my computers then what the internal components could provide. The idea for this coffee table mod came to me as I was sitting on my couch, playing a competitive game of Halo with my roommate. In a moment of intensity I accidentally knocked over my drink that I had set carelessly on the rug. I decided it was indeed time to get a coffee table. It then came to me that this piece of furniture could also function to tie my living room into my computer network. A coffee table that would act as a file server, media control for my living room TV, and light entertainment for guests.


For this project I wanted to keep the cost down as low as possible seeing as it did not have to be a high performance computer. A majority of the components were second hand from my first mod “The Desk!!!” after an upgrade. To start out I grabbed an old computer case and cut out just what I needed to mount the motherboard.

I pulled this old Quantum 4gb 5 inch hard drive out of an old HP, and decided I would try to do a hard drive window mod with it and work it into the case.

I then went to our local steel yard and grabbed some tubing and sheet metal. I then put together the base of the machine that would hold most of the components as well as support the surface.

You can see the difference in size between the original case and the new one. I really wanted to make the entire system as small as possible.

I then created the frame to hold an old 14inch LCD I had, also an extra from an upgrade. This was a little bit of a challenge because when completed the screen would have to be able to slip in and out, as well as keep it at an angle where it can be seen clearly from a sitting position.

The two parts then got welded together and you can see the final form take shape.

I wanted to keep the system as clean as possible since it would sit in the middle of the room, as opposed to against a wall. I wired in the LCD and even an extra AC plug into the power supply.

You can see how tight everything is in there below. I added a couple extra fans to the system after an upgrade. I also decided to take out the dvd-r drive because I never used it, and replaced it with a fan controller. The Quantum hard drive worked for a couple weeks, but eventually stopped working. You can still see it running though.



  • Pentium D 930
  • Asus P5PL2
  • 2GB OCZ 5400 Gold
  • 400GB Western Digital HDD
  • Radeon x1300
  • 54mbps Belkin Wireless